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Barbun Alaçatı
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Back To Nature

Our video which explains the story behind our Back To Nature philosophy in 2012 is complete.

You can see how the dishes in our menu are developed and enjoy the beautiful flora & fauna of Alacati and it’s surroundings.

Click here to watch our video...

Dish Of The Year

“Gusto Magazine”, which is considered to be the most prestigious magazine in gastronomy and wine in Turkey, has awarded our “Karaburun Sardine” plate as the “Dish Of The Year”.

GustoWe are proud to represent the aegean with this unique plate among other dishes prepared from all around Turkey.

We invite you to come and taste our award winning plate.

Our Focal Point At Barbun

is to use local ingredients which have been carefully produced and offered  in the aegean region and combine them with creative gastronomical methods to create new and modern dishes while advancing the local cuisine in the region.

Another very important area in our focus is to use natural ingredients on our plates such as edible flowers, soil, wild herbs and spices sourced from our surrounding habitat and try to bring our clients closer to nature; which we believe we have been avoiding for a very long time.

Our biggest challenge during this course was to preserve the local ingredients taste and not let them get shadowed by the global essences and in fact use them to bring out the local taste and make them shine.

Our menu, comprised from the garden, the land and the sea consists of dishes which require modern techniques such as smoking, aging, marination, which are all done in our own kitchen and help us not only to create unique tastes but a pleasing spectacle to the eye.

Although rediscovering local tastes and to rethink on how to recreate them has become our excitement in life, we try not to forget the basics and try to  combine the new with the old while preserving simplicity.

We believe you will feel and understand what we are feeling and trying to offer on all of the compositions found on our plates in our menu.

Kemal Demirasal

Kemal Demirasal